“From July 12, 2016 front-page of The New York Times: The core issue that caused (and is causing) the Black Lives Matter-type protests; blacks being shot (more than whites) by police is found to be false (another false narrative that the mainstream press and as a result many Americans have latched onto) in an objective study of 1,332 American police shootings from 2000 to 2015, by Harvard-tenured and honored (he won the John Bates Clark medal for the most promising American economist under 40) black economics professor Roland G. Fryer, Jr…

…To be clear, whites in the same circumstances are shot either the same or more than blacks by police, but the study did show that non-lethal uses of force by police against blacks (like a gun pointed at them or being handcuffed) is about 20% higher for blacks than whites, without regard to whether they complied with the police or not. There is a chart that adjusts for compliance and “eyeballing it”, it looks like this 20% difference drops in roughly half when adjusted for compliance to police instructions. Why post this on my IndyMac blog? This is exactly how the false liberal narrative started that greedy and reckless banks and mortgage lenders abused hapless borrowers and caused the financial crisis. There has been NO DATA or STUDIES (that I am aware of) to support this false narrative about the mortgage crisis….only anecdotal stories of a handful of individual borrowers and their circumstances. And yet the U.S. mortgage market is massive (tens of millions of borrowers and trillions in mortgage loans outstanding)….far larger than the population of police shootings or other non-lethal “uses of force”. You can’t properly analyze a market as massive as the U.S. mortgage market, without using total market data and/or statistically-valid samples/studies. My point here is discussed consistently throughout my blog, but fairly well in recent blog postings #1205, #1208, and #1215.”, Mike Perry, former Chairman and CEO, IndyMac Bank


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