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“It’s the Establishment versus the rest of us folks. My #2 (President) at IndyMac Bank was part of this Establishment. Stanford undergrad, Harvard Law, liberal Democrat, law clerk, who had worked for a time at the State Department. Even though he ran 90%+ of IndyMac’s mortgage/real estate lending, he wasn’t sued by anyone…

…while I was sued by a dozen plaintiffs, including the FDIC and SEC, for over a billion.

Three of his construction lending subordinates were sued for something like $160 million re. a dozen or so loans and he had signed on roughly half of them, as the most senior lending officer and still wasn’t sued! I have never said this before, but it’s time. He’s a Harvard lawyer, liberal Democrat, former State employee and wasn’t sued by anyone even though he was in charge of nearly all of our lending, as President of the Bank. Why?

My DC lawyers, about as Establishment as you can get, voiced bad feelings to me about my #2 on numerous occasions over the years, implying he had lied about his role and/or thrown me and others under the bus. I also thought it was because he was a Harvard lawyer, who had worked for a top law firm, and these top lawyers (both inside and outside government) all seem to protect each other. By the way, he also rarely wrote an email/memo, whereas (as you know being a FB friend) I wrote thousands…this is a lawyer tactic, to avoid any record or responsibility.

He’s back in the banking business, as a general counsel for a California bank and I was forced (really “extorted”) to accept a lifetime banking ban, in order to get my family out from under a bogus $600 million civil suit with the FDIC, which I denied all the allegations in the settlement. (One of the reasons I have never said this before, is all of the charges against us were bogus. None of us should have been sued.)”, Michael Perry, former Chairman and CEO, IndyMac Bancorp

p.s. My only case that went to court was with the SEC, I won everything on summary judgment! That $160 million case against my #2’s subordinates, they were found liable for ordinary negligence by a civil jury. It was BOGUS and would have been reversed on appeal (for numerous reasons, including not being protected by the Business Judgment Rule), but the FDIC didn’t want that, so they settled a $160+- million judgment against these three individuals for a measly $200,000 +- TOTAL for all three. The FDIC just wanted the phony headline judgment of $160 million to stand. By the way, I was there on the last day of the trial to support these guys. Guess who never showed up?

Key Excerpt from the Lifezette article below:

“Another day and another headline about Mueller’s investigation going overboard. A man, an investigator, evokes fear and trepidation as his ever-watchful eye probes illicitly into people’s deepest secrets. He visits house to house, person to person, and brings both the guilty and the innocent in line to the true faith. A true Stalinist.

The revolt must be quashed. The uprising put down. The leaders imprisoned or ruined. Preferably both.

No, we aren’t talking about the medieval Inquisition. We’re talking about Mueller, an officer of your government. But you wouldn’t know. He neither approaches the law evenhandedly, nor openly. Macbeth warned, “Wanton in fullness seeks to hide themselves.”

Were former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s lawyers’ offices ever ransacked? How about those of former Attorney General Loretta Lynch? Of course not. They are both members in good standing with the Establishment. They are protected species. As reported in “Animal Farm,” “With their superior knowledge, it was natural that they should assume the leadership.” Those in the Establishment always assume they know better. The rest of us are just deplorables.

This is not about Republicans versus Democrats. It’s about the Outies versus the Innies. President Ronald Reagan was an Outie. So the Innie, the despicably dirty and corrupt Iran-Contra special counsel Lawrence Walsh, went after Reagan, because he was a threat to the Establishment.”