“The Real Clear Investigations 5/14/18 article attached is a MUST READ. There are a LOT of parallels in how the Obama government behaved and lied about the financial crisis and scapegoated crisis era bankers and Wall Street and this phony Russian-Trump collusion…

Here’s two from this article:

1) For the last Obama Administration ICA, January 2017, alleging Trump-Russia collusion, Obama’s Director of National Intelligence Clapper breached standard protocol and did not get the intelligence assessment of the 17 agencies, as required. He handpicked analysts from just three agencies, CIA, FBI (Strock!!!), and NSA and appears to have deliberately excluded normal dissent and third party verification. The Financial Crisis Commission was controlled by Obama Democrats and all the staff worked for them. Not a single Republican on the Commission signed on to the Democrat-only conclusions, yet it was portrayed in the mainstream media that it was a non-political conclusion. Further to this point, Dodd-Frank was passed BEFORE this Commission’s report and findings were finalized and published. In other words, the majority of Democrats who controlled the Financial Crisis Commission knew the political conclusions they were supposed to reach.

2) This January 2017 Obama Administration ICA (Intelligence Community Assessment, by only the 3 agencies, not 17), included a two page summary of the salacious and unverified Steele Dossier, as an appendix. In Bank of America’s coerced (how can a government-regulated, federally-insured deposits and mortgages fight the government?) civil settlement with Obama’s DOJ, regarding crisis era mortgages (primarily related to their Countrywide acquisition), the DOJ attached an appendix to the settlement, which included many salacious and unverified allegations by Obama’s DOJ that were never proven and in which BofA/Countrywide disagreed. So, the “art” (really fraud and libel by the government, as they were misleading the American people and libeling BofA/Countrywide) of the civil settlement had BofA/Countrywide “acknowledging” that the appendix was attached and existed, but not agreeing to anything in it. Don’t believe me? Read it, as I did. I even discussed it at length in a posting at the time on this blog. Go read that too.” Mike Perry, former Chairman and CEO, IndyMac Bank

p.s. By the way, it appears that a key reason a 2-page, summary of the Steele dossier was attached to the January, 2017 ICA briefings to President Obama and President-elect Trump was that it then allowed Obama’s IC folks to leak that fact to the Press, so they could then publish the Steele Dossier in full. How so? Most of the mainstream Press, had copies of the full Steele Dossier for months, but couldn’t verify it, so they couldn’t publish it. Yet they could pretend they were ethical and the IC had verified it (otherwise, why brief two Presidents of the USA on it???), if they knew it had been presented to Obama/Trump in the ICA. And “amazingly” after it was presented to Obama and Trump, the Intelligence Community leaked this fact to the Press and the Press went crazy publishing the salacious and unverified dossier, smearing incoming President Trump, and leading to the appointment of the phony, totalitarian, highly-conflicted/partisan, and possibly illegal Special Counsel Mueller.


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