Excerpt from Michael W. Perry’s Sworn SEC Testimony

It is my intention, as I have stated on this blog previously, to provide a complete record of all of my testimony before The Securities and Exchange Commission. My SEC testimony, under oath, is 1,147 pages, not including appendices or exhibits and was provided voluntarily over five days; three in 2009 and two in 2012.

I answered every single question thoroughly and accurately, to the best of my recollection. I have nothing to hide. I did not commit securities fraud and any fair and thorough reading of my testimony (and our legal filings in this case) will show that I did not. That being said, there are currently three separate protective orders that restrict my ability to publicly release my full testimony and I don’t have the time right now to review each page and redact certain testimony to comply with these orders. As a result, my plan is to release on the blog, subject to complying with these orders, all of my testimony that relates to the remaining two SEC allegations.

As part of this plan attached below is an excerpt of my April 18, 2012, sworn testimony: pages 341 through 387. This relates directly to one of the two remaining SEC allegations against me: namely, “that I negligently or intentionally omitted disclosures on May 12, 2008, related to Indymac Bank receiving a waiver from the OTS that eliminated any requirement to double-risk weight subprime loans in determining risk-based assets and the total risk-based capital ratio”.

This allegation is not true and this testimony demonstrates that it is not true.

Click here to access Excerpt from Michael W. Perry’s Sworn SEC Testimony

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