“My wife and I had a few days with no kids at home (our youngest, the only one at home these days, went on a high school retreat), for the first time ever, and so we went up to Santa Barbara for a few days last week…

…We had a great time. One day we biked all over Santa Barbara and spent some time in many of the retail shops on State Street. At one very pink store, a young lady standing out front convinced my wife to come in and get some quick beauty work done. It was a very hot day, so I came inside and sat next to her and watched and then watched as two more ladies came in to get similar services. One was around my wife’s age and the other appeared to be a college student who mentioned she was getting ready for some (maybe a sorority) event. My initial reaction was to think how silly all this was and what a waste of money this service and other retail shops on State Street were, but I am a 52-year OLD man and more patient and thoughtful and was happy to see my wife enjoying herself…..and then I thought of Pope Francis and his view that we Americans are too materialistic. I thought, what’s so bad Pope Francis (and for that matter Sen. Bernie Sanders) with Americans enjoying themselves with a little materialistic, “retail therapy”? All these “silly” and/or “unnecessary” products and services create a lot of jobs and economic activity and government tax revenues (which support the poor), and makes wives (and therefore their husbands and children) happy. Isn’t that a heck of a lot better than what’s happening in much of the rest of the world?”, Mike Perry

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  1. Love it!!! The losers of the world are typically those who choose not to work, those who are subject to political tyrants, and those subject to cultures/religions that suppress people in a manner similar to political tyrants, and those of nomadic/tribal origins that don’t assimilate with others or who don’t stay in one place long enough to build anything of permanence or great value. Most of the Pope’s poor are in that state by way of cultural or political/economic (non-capitalist) environments, not environments without resources….

    Mark Nelson 3256 Sitio Tortuga Carlsbad, CA 92009 760.473.7558 mnelson.doit@gmail.com

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