“If low interest rates were just that simple of a panacea, we would never have recessions. We would never have these crises. We would never have these panics…

…And look, I’m not here to criticize the Fed, because they did save us in ’08. But then again, you could argue the Fed got us into it in ’02 and ’03 with very low interest rates. I mean its like giving somebody medicine and this medicine is being given and given and given and we don’t know what’s going to happen. You don’t know how bad the end of this is going to be. You do know that when you did it (the Fed raised rates) a few years ago, it caused a catastrophe. It caused ’08. Where do you draw the line here?”, Carl Icahn, “Danger Ahead”, September 2015

Link to Carl Icahn’s “Danger Ahead”, September 2015:

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