“If you live in a rural state (especially a rural state), where there are mostly single family homes and not “many bodies around the campfire” or in a state that’s very cold in the winter, it’s almost impossible to be a low carbon emitter today…

…In other words, if you truly believe that reducing carbon emissions are VERY important and an issue that must be addressed immediately, for the health of our planet and our survival (I am not convinced myself, one way or the other, yet.), then you need to be living in smaller dwellings (not stand-alone homes), with families or groups (and definitely not alone) and/or in more temperate states. How many of you plan to sell your homes and move in with others or to another state for your strong beliefs about carbon emissions? As you can see from the government data below, that’s what really matters, probably for several years (maybe decades) to come. Simple as that. P.S. Al Gore’s Tennessee emits about 65% more carbon a year, per capita, than my California. How about those New Yorkers being the best? Lot’s of bodies around the campfire (in small housing units), I guess.” Mike Perry

From the U.S. Energy Information Administration.

Rankings: Total Energy Consumed per Capita, 2013 (million Btu).

1. Wyoming (918 million Btu)
2. Louisiana (828)
3. Alaska (826)
4. North Dakota (813)
5. Iowa (490)
6. Texas (488)
7. Nebraska (466)
8. South Dakota (462)
9. Indiana (441)
10. Oklahoma (421)
18. Minnesota (343)
19. South Carolina (333)
21. Tennessee (329)
30. Washington (292)
32. Michigan (287)
36. Washington DC (263)
43. Massachusetts (215)
44. Arizona (213)
46. Florida (208)
48. California (200)
49. Hawaii (197)
50. New York (184) (Lot’s of bodies around the campfire (in small housing units), I guess?)

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