“Having spent a lot of money and a half-dozen years of my life defending myself against meritless federal (both private and government) civil litigation and dealing with several federal judges and the 9th Circuit and reading a lot about it, it is clear to me that the judicial branch of our government is in serious need of reform…

…In particular, with lifetime appointments, there is almost no judicial accountability at the federal level. In the federal system, no matter how many times a judge’s decisions are overturned by a higher court, they are allowed to remain on the bench and to continue to incorrectly interpret laws and/or the Constitution and therefore improperly abuse American individuals and institutions. It seems to me there should be a simple rule for federal judges. If you have more than let’s say ten of your rulings overturned by a higher court, then your lifetime appointment is revoked and you are off the bench! Something like that makes sense to me and would eliminate a lot of the personal and political bias in rulings. By the way, in this day an age, with the complexity of our laws, economy, and our Country, it makes no sense that federal judges remain “Generalists”. Unbelievably, each federal judge continues to handle all manner of civil and criminal cases…lack of specialization/knowledge I believe is the second reason for judicial error (the first I believe is political or personal bias). p.s. I think President Trump has had similar experiences and so appropriately doesn’t respect individual federal judges and certain appeals courts and I am glad he is using The Bully Pulpit to draw attention to this serious problem that the legal profession seems almost blind to. Think about it….The Supreme Court spends all its time on legal rulings and NO TIME managing and holding the lower courts and judges to account!”, Mike Perry, former Chairman and CEO, IndyMac Bank

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