Is 10 Years An Acceptable Dating Age Rule When Dating A Woman Today?

My wife and I are just over 10 years apart in age, and we’ve been married for 31 years. We met in the work environment; I was 34 and she was 24. Age didn’t come up in conversation for quite a while, but I thought she was older and she thought I was younger. By the time it was a topic of discussion, age was irrelevant. Certainly not, when it comes to knowing a person, age does not matter, only the chemistry you have with the other person. It is all about the thoughts that match..and older people can become young and young ones be mature.

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  • For example, if you’re 40 years old you can date anyone aged 18 to 20.
  • These are major no-nos when your goal is to have a healthy relationship.
  • However, he boasted to everyone about a beautiful vacation he took with his fiancée and shared pictures from it on Instagram.
  • Pop star Shakira is involved with a man 10 years her junior.
  • This basic rule of acceptable age difference seems fair for people aged 25 to 35.
  • According to marriage statistics, there is no age gap in relationships, and individuals of different ages can have happy marriages as long as they are compatible and have a degree of understanding.

The age gap does not matter when there is mental maturity, love, understanding and compatibility. Vatsyayana’s Kamasutra prescribes a three- year age gap. In the old, the age gap could be 10 to 15 years.


Age really doesnt make a difference once you have connected with that individual. Most people date become serious, get married and their is no connection and NO LOVE. SO go figure. It is difficult for Koreans to understand why some couples choose not to get married. In fact, only 50% of Korean adults have been married at least once. Compared to other countries, this number is low. Hugh Jackman and his wife,Deborra-Lee Furness, have been happily married for almost 23 years now, and Jackman rarely misses an opportunity to gush about her in interviews.

Dating : Extreme Age Gap Dating

As per the Rule, if you are 30 and dating a person aged 22 years or more, your relationship is socially acceptable. Unfortunately, most of the time, no, they simply can’t work. People say age is just a number, but it’s not true at all. The age gap between couples determines what kind of relationship they’re probably going to have. The older you get, the more likely it is that you will want a partner who is also growing and changing. Someone who is still the same age as you is never going to meet your needs or understand what makes you come alive.

9 Of 12:talk About Your Relationship Expectations

Be prepared for the fact that the adult kids of your chosen one will not be delighted that the new stepmother/stepfather is a couple of years younger than their own one. However, it all depends on how often and how closely the children communicate with their parent. Perhaps they have their separate lives and will not interfere with your relationships. In this case, you can live happily on your own and even plan another child, provided that the woman is younger than the man or still in childbearing age. You’re never too old to start dating and you’re never too old to figure out what you want to do with your life.

But just like any relationship, your relationship with your spouse is dependent on not one but a number of factors, such as companionship and respect. Spouses who are very different from one another will not be able to make it work over time, regardless of how much love they have for each other now. They need to find someone who is like them in many ways so that they do not feel alone in this world. Want to crush your dating goals, increase your confidence and ultimately meet the girl of… Recently we started a series that examines dating…

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Nope, my current roomate/girlfriend is much older than me, and to be honest I really dont care what people think. It can be if the couple involved are not prepared to work on their relationship. Look at this way, the couple are essentially a decade apart. If you for a few minutes consider the last decade and compare it to the current decade we are in, you have to acknowledge that much has changed.

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