12 Best Sites skateshop tilburg Like Etsy 2022

I am sorry to hear about the difficulties you’re having with your Etsy store. Then again, there are always challenges to running a business. I am sure you can overcome it and make your store a successful one. Etsy is so big that it gets a lot of traffic and with good description, titles, and images, people will find you and your product.

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I am so sorry, I haven’t had the time to add your site to the list. I will have to do a new post based on your suggestion . I will make sure to add your site as well. My company Artyah.com is a newly established handmade for artists website. Included in the next article on new out of the gate handmade websites.

  • This should really be its own post and in time, it will be.
  • Or you can choose the 6 months package, which costs $12 a month, or the 12 months package, which costs $10 a month.
  • Digital downloads allow the customer to purchase the print and print it themselves.
  • Also we try to be straight-forward on everything – no listing fees, monthly fees, product limits, etc, just a straight-forward 3% commission on any sale.
  • This website is a great alternative to Etsy.

Always crop the image to show the skateshop tilburg design well. No one is buying the wall, they are buying the art, so it needs to be clear. Use 2-3 different mock-ups to show the art.

There are plenty of people who are looking for handcrafted items online, and not everyone has heard of Etsy. The Standard Shop plan costs $9.99/month, but ArtFire still charges a listing fee of $0.23 per listing, which is more than what Etsy charges. You do need to sign up for a monthly plan to sell on Goimagine, but it is not very expensive. Plans start at just $2.50/month for up to 25 active listings and go up to $10/month for up to 1,000 listings .

Traditional Art

This website supports local artists and artisans living in America. With Spoonflower, you don’t have to ship stuff to the customer or worry about your inventory. The website prints your designs on products when the customer purchases the item. Now, when your stuff sells, eBay does charge a 10% commission fee, which is higher than Etsy’s fee. Although it’s not specifically a marketplace for crafts like Etsy, it’s still a popular platform for selling all sorts of craft items.

How To Become An Apple Product Tester & Get Free Stuff To Keep!

So the remaining 85% goes to you, minus the payment processing fees. This is $54 a month and you can list 50 items. Each listing costs from 1 cent to 30 cents, depending on the number of items you have listed. Of course, since you aren’t paying listing fees for those or commission, it’s a pretty good deal. ECrater is an online marketplace that brings together buyers and sellers from around the world.

You have some sites listed that I’ve never heard of. I’m not really a craft person but a painter, mainly of small-format artwork. Although in the UK I find the majority of my buyers have been American, so I don’t mind listing on USA sites.

Artful Home

The main one is that you have to pay $5 a month per sales channel to use Zibbet. And in addition to the monthly fee you pay to Zibbet, you may be charged fees form the other platforms. In addition, it is free to get started!

Amazon Handmade

If you have your goods up for sale on a few sites, as well as on Etsy, it gives you more chances to make sales. IndieCart has been around for a long time, but it’s hard to say just how popular it is. It beta launched in the beginning of 2020, but it only officially launched in June 2020. At that point, it already had a few hundred sellers and a couple of thousand buyers. I like that Aftcra has an Etsy Importer tool, which allows you to import several Etsy listings to Aftcra at once, saving time. However, you will still have to pay a commission per sale, which is fixed at six percent + VAT.

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