“I’m no detective, but it looks like they (the Coronels) had themselves a really generous ATM machine…This is so typical, it’s tough to stomach. You’ll never see this side of the story in the media, but the Elizabeth Warrens of the world make a living off this narrative.”, Anonymous Reader of Blog Posting #504

“It’s great that you are getting this message out, but I was wondering if you are purposely pulling your punches…Do you need to be diplomatic to make the message easier to swallow (i.e. are you being tactical), or do you genuinely need to be careful about the aggressiveness of the message given your position at Indy Mac (honest question, not trying to be rhetorical)?

Perhaps my tact would not evoke the right response from the masses who need convincing, but I would label the Coronel’s behavior as either irresponsible, or irresponsibly opportunistic.  I think it’s important to drive the point home with tax payers, that the  Coronels opted to suck several hundred thousands of dollars of cash from their home and squander it, and the resolution means that tax-payers get to foot the bill.  In other words, I think it’s a perfect opportunity to draw the connection between bank/gse bail-outs and the direct expense to the tax-payer.  My feeling is that liberal-leaning consumers have been blinded by the media, and they need a simple, straight-forward message that explains how much it costs them to bail out these people.

I like the way you lay out the numerous re-fi’s, but I would strengthen the point by summing up exactly how much money these people took from lenders and spent, then reminding people that the GSE’s use 100% tax-payer money to pay to bail out these people.

Just some thoughts…”, Anonymous Reader of Blog Posting #504

“How does anybody change the dialogue?  It’s frustrating.”, Anonymous Reader of Blog Posting #504

“I see this crap all the time, but ONLY because I have the resources. The public only sees what the media wants them to.  It sucks.”, Anonymous Reader of Blog Posting #504

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